Equality from the Heart

The Maltese LGBTIQ+ Community is a proud part of a European LGBTIQ+ Movement, but also finds itself at the heart of the Middle East and North African regions where equality is still a far cry. With Malta ranking top of the ILGA Rainbow Index for five years in a row, it is our duty to work constantly in achieving full equality from the heart in Malta as well as in neighbouring communities where LGBTIQ+ phobia and lack of human rights are still rife. 

Our target for EuroPride Valletta 2023 is to offer the EMENA (European, Middle East & North Africa) LGBTIQ+ Community a safe port of call whilst providing them a stage where LGBTIQ+ human rights issues can be addressed and discussed. We want to contribute to more diversity and equality in Europe and surrounding regions and help to find ways to have a high level of human rights for all LGBTIQ+ people.



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Clayton Mercieca


Moyra Sammut


Nicholas Bugeja


Francesca Vella


Moussa Hammoud


Karly May Naudi

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Michael Owen


Lilla Solomon