There are many reasons to visit the magical Islands of Malta, the world’s tenth smallest country, home to just about 500,000 people. With 316 square KM, Malta is the smallest member state of the European Union.

With 300 days of sunshine per year and surrounded by blue sapphire-coloured water as far as the eye can see, Malta is one of the most uniquely beautiful places on the planet. With lots of sun, light and the blue sea, it is no wonder that Malta has been the first choice for various film and television productions (most famous being Midnight Express, Gladiator, Troy and of course Game of Thrones).

Located between Europe and Africa and at a geographical crossroad, Malta has always attracted visitors, settlers and occupiers. Its rich cultural diversity has been built up over thousands of years. Many cultures are represented here from controlling this island over the last millennia. It is ancient but it is also modern, appealing to young and old alike. Due to its climate, genuine people and proximity to all of Europe, Malta has also seen many businesses relocate or set up offices to give their employees a work-life balance not found everywhere.

Tripadvisor lists Malta as one of the TOP25 destinations in Europe and Lonely Planet ranked Malta 6th best destination to visit in 2018!